Want Me – The Penguins – Earth Angel

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Although the cause of the war remains unknown, its name suggests that nuclear weapons were heavily used during the conflict, and thus was most likely World War III. The war likely ended when the mushroom bomb was dropped along with the other nuclear weapons. Two ‘gay’ male penguins have hatched an egg and are rearing the adopted chick. The birds, at Bremerhaven Zoo in northern Germany, were given an egg rejected by its biological parents.

Named ‘Z’ and ‘Vielpunkt’, the penguins became famous when they refused to separate or to mate with females. Another pair abandoned an egg by pushing it out of their nest and so we placed it in the care of the homosexual penguins. They accepted the egg immediately and took turns in incubating it with their body heat. They did this for 35 days and the baby was born on April 25. It is in a little cave in the enclosure which is fiercely guarded by one or the other at all times so we don’t know yet if we have a little boy penguin or a little girl one.

The two daddies feed their offspring with fish mash that they chew up and regurgitate into its ever-open beak. Sorry, not allowed: Humboldt penguins Z and Vielpunkt stand guard at the entrance to the cave. Mr Schoene added: ‘In eight weeks the baby will have its downy fur and be able to be removed to move about the colony. Bremerhaven Zoo in northern Germany made headlines in 2005 as it investigated homosexual traits in penguins. Gay rights activists were outraged after the zoo flew in female penguins to try to get them to reproduce with three pairs of male penguins who had been seen trying to mate with one another and hatch chicks from stones.

But now the zoo has relented, leaving the six gay penguins to live happily with their chosen mates – Z and Vielpunkt among them. Does this CCTV capture ‘janitor’ ghost throwing a broom? Loud explosions heard throughout Damascus amid U. Do you know the man with the horrific black eye? No comments have so far been submitted. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards.

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