Feliz Navidad – Various – Feliz Navidad – Año Nuevo

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Feliz Navidad – Various – Feliz Navidad – Año Nuevo Cams HD from the World! International Fair of the Friendly Cultures .

From April 14 to 29 from 11 a. Feria Internacional de las Culturas Amigas – Zócalo, Mexico City. It’s the tenth anniversary of the International Friendly Cultures Fair, and 4 million people are expected to attend. Along with handicrafts and gastronomy from 86 countries, there’ll be film, music, theater and literature. China is this year’s guest country. Carlos Alberto M Machado, interesting , your recent uploaded ‘photos’ of the flag here.

The flag seen in your image is not the massive Banderas Monumentales but a much smaller Mexican flag. Did you search why their flag was flying at half staff on 10 April ? Mexico prior to Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. Jesus’ last supper is remembered on this day.