DJ Magic Mike And The Royal Posse – Drop The Bass

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Anahata Sacred Sound DJ Magic Mike And The Royal Posse – Drop The Bass – Vimanas Project Vol. Anno Domini Beats – Soundclick Invasion Vol.

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Empty Handed Warriors – Occupy The Industry Vol. Dreamtek – The Bassment Tapes Vol. EQ – Out The Ash Tray Of L. Flight Distance – Run For Your Lives!

Genocide – Dirty Bombs Mixtape Vol. Grim Reaperz – Blood Leg Vol. Popcorn Patrik Presents The Most Known Unknown Vol. Irate Records – The Scrypt Keepers Vol. King Magnetic – Everythings A Gamble Vol. Klee Magor – Ill Regime Vol. Maestro Fresh-Wes – Naaah,Dis Kid Can’t Be From Canada!

Omnipotent Records Presents Era Of The Titans Vol. One Man Army – Co-Operations Vol. This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of Texarkana Gazette, Inc. With his muscular arms, rock-hard six-pack and provocative dance routines, Channing Tatum sent cinema audiences into a frenzy back in July when he reprised his role as stripper Magic Mike. But how the 35-year-old American actor honed his super-ripped body has been kept a closely guarded secret – until now. LA-based celebrity trainer Arin Babaian has revealed how he transformed the Hollywood heartthrob into an Adonis in just 10 weeks with a number of gruelling exercises and an extremely regimented diet. Arin, who has worked closely with Channing before, building his body for previous roles in White House Down, Foxcatcher and 22 Jump Street, told Alpha Man magazine how he decided how buff the character should look.

So we agreed that Channing needed a bigger frame to reflect his hours of hard labour and heavy lifting. But instead of spending hours in the gym – Channing’s wife, Jenna Dewan, was filming a TV show in Vancouver, Canada, so the family had relocated there – the pair decided to take a more outdoor approach to packing on size and stripping away the fat. When we started training together Channing was around 210lb and we wanted him to be closer to 185lb,’ Arin told the magazine. That being said, I don’t ever stress on the number with clients. I don’t want that to be the goal or the obsession, because all that really matters is how they look and feel and how the clothes fit’. I stressed the importance of turning every day into a fit and healthy one, and then the weight will take care of itself. Arin moved to Vancouver and had 10 weeks to get Channing movie-ready.

They started with early morning bike rides, mainly on the roads, but they’d mix it up by hitting the hills, averaging around 25 miles, with climbs of up to 2,300ft. After a quick shower and bite to eat, Arin would get Channing into the swimming pool. He’d do a swim which would consist of ether 100 laps in the home pool, or a pool workout where we would do a lap then jump out of the pool to perform 25 crunches or 25 push-ups, or five jump outs, which we came to name water burpees,’ he said. With the morning fat-burning cardio sessions out of the way, Channing would take a break to recover and spend some time with his young family.