Angel Child

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Between 1979 and 1981, approximately 29 African-American children, teens, angel Child young adults—mostly boys—were kidnapped and murdered. A majority of the killings shared common details.

The FBI joined the multi-agency investigation in 1980. In our files, the major case is called ATKID, short for the Atlanta Child Murders. With Trail Angel you can secure your child’s bike to yours and cycle together in total safety and tranquillity. So simple to fit from the very first time, Trail Angel easily secures and adjusts with the turn of a knob. No more removal of parts from the child’s bike before it can be towed. No more stopping to make adjustments during the early part of the ride.

It takes just 1 minute of your time to attach Trail Angel, so you can enjoy the rest of your time with your angel. With Trail Angel you can allow your child to ride independently once you have reached a safe location. The device is extremely easy to hook and unhook and it can be folded back onto the adult bike to permit independent movement. Once folded closed Trail Angel occupies little space so it is perfect to take on holiday with you. The use of non-metal seat posts is forbidden. Accessories or parts that may interfere with the operation of the tow-bar must never be used. Ensure that the brake cable does not interfere with the child bike tow-bar connector.