Sterling Harrison – One Size Fits All

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These are superalbums by the few really great and timeless masters of rock: the sterling Harrison – One Size Fits All of the cream of the cream. These records set the highest standard for all those that follow them and they probably won’t be superated by anybody, not in the nearest couple thousand years.

And yes, maybe I’m a fool for giving the highest mark to five Beatles’ albums in a row, but fifteen years of Beatle-listening haven’t cured me of the attitude. Nearly every one of these records either introduced a universally new type of sound or helped ‘define the era’. All of them are milestones in the band’s own history, and deservedly so: the level of songwriting is at an all-time high. If there are one or two slightly less captivating tracks on the album, they are entirely overshadowed by the splendour of the glorious majority.