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Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has reportedly urged his club to seal the transfer star – Eden Chelsea winger Eden Hazard as Real Madrid seemingly cool their interest in him. The Belgian has long been linked with a possible move to the Bernabeu, but Don Balon now claim they’re focusing on other priorities in the transfer market, leading to Messi taking an interest. The Argentine is a big fan of Hazard and believes he has all the attributes to fit in well at the Nou Camp, according to Don Balon’s report. Chelsea won’t want to lose a player as important as Hazard, who has been at Stamford Bridge since 2012 and played a key role in guiding the club to two Premier League titles in that time.

Luis Suarez has also struggled for goals this season, and a player of Hazard’s skill and intelligence in the front three could help Ernesto Valverde’s side click a little better in the final third. It remains to be seen how much influence Messi can exert over the club’s moves in the transfer market, but Chelsea should perhaps be worried by these developments. Tiaras’ Star Eden Wood is All Grown Up — See What She Looks Like Now! 0026 Tiaras’ Star Eden Wood is All Grown Up — See What She Looks Like Now! Fast forward seven years, and the TLC star is all grown up and barely recognizable! In a photo posted to her Instagram account, the now 11-year-old sports long blonde hair and no makeup in a selfie taken on Easter Sunday.

The latest pic comes as a shock to fans of the reality series, who are used to seeing the child star in sky-high hair, layers of makeup and over-the-top ensembles. According to her website, Eden is now living in LA and working as an actress. Where Are Patti Stanger’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Clients Now? Is Intergenerational Dating Reality Show ‘Age Gap Love’ Bad TV? In the episode, the Enterprise is hijacked by a madman-scientist and his fanatical, hippie-like followers who are blindly obsessed in finding a mythical planet of perpetual paradise. 3, the Federation starship USS Enterprise is in pursuit of the stolen space cruiser Aurora. The Enterprise locks onto the ship with a tractor beam, but the Aurora continues to accelerate, straining its engines and threatening its destruction.

In responses to Kirk’s questions, Dr. Sevrin says their destination is the planet “Eden”, which Kirk responds is a myth. The group refuse to co-operate with Kirk, calling him “Herbert”, but are impressed by First Officer Spock, who is familiar with their movement. Medical scans reveal the party to be in good health, except for Dr. Sevrin, who is a carrier of the Synthecoccus novae virus, a product of artificial environments. Sevrin is quarantined in the brig, and insists during an interview with Spock that the planet Eden will somehow “cleanse” him.

Spock attempts to reason with Sevrin and offers to help him find Eden in exchange for his cooperation, but concludes that Sevrin is not sane. The rest of the group hatch a plan to take over the ship. Chekov, assigned to locate Eden, reveals to Irina that the ship can be navigated from Auxiliary Control. After spending some time engaging with the crew, the group put on a music concert, during which Tongo Rad frees Sevrin. They then take over Auxiliary Control and put the Enterprise on course for Eden. When the crew regain consciousness, they discover that Sevrin and his followers have stolen a shuttlecraft.